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cogniTRI - Personalized Multi-Sport Coaching

We provide coaching services for endurance athletes. Our focus in on competitive, performance-oriented age group athletes. Whether your goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon, to compete in your first Ironman, or to qualify for the World Championships in Kona, we are here to assist you.

Our athletes receive detailed weekly or bi-weekly training plans. Through initial start-up meetings and frequent communication the plans will be customized to the individual athlete’s needs. There are no standard training plans with cogniTRI!

Our coaches are experienced in the total package. We believe that for coaching athletes nothing is as valuable as race experience for a coach. Our coaches have done the races and are now willing to share this knowledge with YOU! Training for an endurance event is more than just swimming, biking and running. It is also about proper nutrition, adequate rest and mental preparation for your race. Our job is to support you step-by-step to insure you reach your endurance goals with maximum success!